Who We Are Not by Meghan O’Brien

Meghan O’Brien doesn’t seem to write the fluffy kind of romance stories with dove-eyed lovers. The on-line stories that I’ve come across by this writer – if it’s not erotica – has a touch of something a bit more serious, something that might make you a bit uneasy. In “Endgame” it was the story of a cruel rape that acted as the backdrop of the romantic storyline, in “Ritual” it’s about family acceptance and in “Who We Are Not” it’s the pain you can inflict on the one you love the most.

Jess and Kendra meet in college, fell in love and build a life together. Easy enough, standard romance stuff told in flashbacks, but the flashbacks aren’t just there to tell you how the women got to be a couple, the flashbacks also show bits of information about the women and their personal stories, and gives an insight into how they ended in the situation that we are invited to watch through this short story.

I liked the serious tone of the story and found it entertaining, even if it’s perhaps a bit simple in construction. All in all this story was a nice bit of a break from the classic romance stuff.

Meghan O’Brien has published a few books through Bold Strokes Books. The story “Battle Scars” was reviewed by Cheri.


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