Cobb Island by Advocate (Blayne Cooper)

Cobb Island is a book length Xena Uber that is really two stories in one. Blayne Cooper, writing as Advocate, introduces us to four modern day characters: Olivia Hazelwood, her teenaged brother Dougie, Kayla Redding, and her teenaged sister Marcy. While on a week’s vacation to a remote Redding family owned island in Virginia, Liv joins Kayla in the search for a long lost family history. Meanwhile, Dougie and Marcy debate taking their relationship to the next level. Sharing the main focus of the story with Liv and Kayla are Bridget Redding and her sister-in-law, Faylinn. Their tale takes place in the late 1600’s. I enjoyed these parts of the story the most.

As with the other works I’ve read by Blayne Cooper, Cobb Island is a tightly written piece. She weaves easily between Liv and Kayla, Dougie and Marcy, and Bridget and Faylinn. While this is a romance, it’s also a bit of a ghost story with paranormal activity, and throughout there’s plenty of humor to keep it light. There is intimacy and attempted rape, I don’t recall anything that would push this further than a PG rating.

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