Cheri Reviews West of Nowhere by KG MacGregor

After wrapping up a couple of books that dealt with darker themes, I wanted to read something more along the lines of a traditional romance. A few hours before making this decision, I had spent some time organizing my Kindle so I could see how many books I’ve gotten that I haven’t read yet. Let’s just say it’s an embarrassing number so I decided to knock one of those books off the list. Reading West of Nowhere helped me to accomplish both tasks! And the fact that I enjoyed the book quite a bit was a nice bonus.

Here’s the blurb from Amazon:

It was a great dream—while it lasted. At twenty-five, Amber Halliday thought life on the road with one of Nashville’s hottest bands was her ultimate fantasy come true. Then in the blink of an eye she finds herself abandoned at a truck stop in Kentucky. No money, no family and nowhere to go.

Navy veteran Joy Shepard, passing through on a cross-country trip, simply can’t ignore a woman in distress even if common sense tells her to drive on. She has room in her truck for Amber and a temporary job caring for her wheelchair-bound father once they reach Oakland. In a moment of weakness, she offers both.

Though grateful for the opportunity, Amber finds herself on pins and needles over Joy’s obsessive tidiness and stringent rules. Little wonder, since Joy finds her slovenly and undisciplined. No way will these two opposites attract—a romance this thorny can only be headed right back where it started: nowhere.

The blurb does what it’s supposed to: gives a basic overview of what you can expect but not so much that there are no surprises for the reader. (A couple of quick corrections: Amber is 24 and she has a bit of cash in her pocket.)

I enjoyed West of Nowhere quite a bit. A lot, really. The characters felt genuine and the situations didn’t feel contrived to me. The progression of the relationships – and there are more than just Joy and Amber involved – felt natural. There’s also what happens toward the end of the book that made me stop what I was doing with my mouth hanging open. Didn’t see that coming!

I haven’t read any reviews of this one and only heard the opinion of one friend before I read it so I have no idea what anyone else is saying but I think this is a winner for Ms. MacGregor. Yeah, I know this has been out for a while and she’s got at least one book published since this one but, like I said, I’m really far behind on my To Be Read list. Better late than never, right?

If you’ve not read West of Nowhere yet and you’re a fan of KG MacGregor, don’t wait any longer! Grab a copy and get to reading. That’s an order!

Click here to download a sample or to purchase West of Nowhere

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