MEC reviews BSB November 2019 Releases

Better late than never – I got another late start on the BSB releases last month and I’m gearing up to go on vacation so it’s been a bit hectic.  All are all currently available via Boldstrokes’ website or Amazon.

I ended up posting my BSB reviews individually rather than compiling them into a single post.  For those, like me, who like to have a list of what was released for November (in case you fall behind), I’m gathering all of them together with the links.   For best cover this month – I think I’m going to go with Tennessee Whiskey as it captures the feel of the book.

Back to September – Melissa Brayden

Strongly Recommended

Cost of Honor – Radclyffe

Definitely Recommended

Not Since You – Fiona Riley


Aspen in Moonlight – Kelly Wacker

Tennessee Whiskey – Donna K Ford

But wait … there’s more!

I can’t believe it but I’m behind on my Micky Knight series so I’m holding off on reading/reviewing Not Dead Enough – my OCD will never allow me to read a series out of order.   I’m hoping to entice Cheri to read them in parallel and do a joint review.  We may not agree on everything, but we both enjoy Redmann’s series.   Stay tuned – reviews for these two will be coming and I’ll link them back to this post once they are up.

The Girl on the Edge of Summer (2017) 

Not Dead Enough (November 2019)

I’ll also be posting reviews on these two when I’m back from vacation:

Changing Course – Brey Willows

Not Your Average Love Spell – Barbara Ann Wright

BSB releases not reviewed this month:

There were a couple of book I just didn’t get a chance to read.  Too many obligations, not enough time.

  • Fearless  – Tina Michelle
  • A Moment in Time – Lisa Moreau

Thank you to Netgalley and BSB for advance copies for review. 

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