Cheri Reviews Storms by Gerri Hill

Storms by Gerri Hill

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is what I need Gerri Hill novels to be. Sweet coming-home/second chance romances with family drama and good chemistry. No miscommunications, creepy secondary characters, questionable plot devices, just a couple of fairly well-adjusted adults discovering love with each other.

All of you old Hill fans who are like me and have become wary of starting a new book by the author should feel confident in picking this one up.

And the audio version is done well. Abby Craden has become a wlw favorite and, while I don’t always enjoy the deeper, huskier voice she uses for one of the women in a couple, it was fine. The quality of the recording is good, which isn’t always the case in lesfic.

Ok, that was sort of a ramble but there you go…

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