Cheri Reviews Detour to Love by Amanda Radley

Detour to Love by Amanda Radley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I want a sweet romantic comedy, I know that Amanda Radley will deliver.

Detour to Love was exactly what I expected it would be. Lily and Celia were great together and I loved their adventure – both the international travel and the personal relationship. My favorite thing about Radley’s writing is her humor and her writing voice. She cracks me up every time. I got plenty of suspicious side-eyes from my wife when she catch me randomly snorting or laughing out loud while reading.

If you’re looking for a light (but with some heavier themes) rom-com, you’ll very likely love Detour to Love.

Thanks go to BSB and NetGalley for hooking me up with the ebook!

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