MEC Reviews: Temptation – Kris Bryant

Temptation by Kris Bryant

This book is a bag of kettle corn – sweet, savory and you won’t stop until you finish it in one binge-worthy sitting. Temptation is a fun, fluffy and ultimately satisfying lesbian romance that hits all the right notes.

After her parents cut her off financially for not pursuing medical school, Cassie Morton is struggling to pay tuition and ends up taking a job as a nanny. It seems to be the perfect solution – Noah Wellington’s a great kid who’s easy to get along with before and after school and she gets her own well-appointed apartment over the garage. Add the chance to spend time with reserved but-oh-so-tempting Brook Wellington and you’ve got all the elements needed for a light hearted but pretty steamy romance. Brooke is definitely an ice queen, but only briefly – her interactions with Noah reveal a devoted and caring mother and her interactions with Cassie reveal some not so hidden passion.

All the characters are likable and endearing – you really can’t help but like them all and root for Cassie and Brooke as they are just so damned perfect for each other. There’s relatively little angst – there’s a bit of a dance between Cassie and Brooke, especially since all of Noah’s hot teachers seem to want to flirt with Cassie when Brooke is just walking in the door, but there’s really no contest. Ms Bryant excels at creating chemistry between her characters and once things boil over, the resulting scenes are scorchers.

Definitely recommended if you want a fun and steamy read.

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