MEC reviews Gallows Humor – Carolyn Elizabeth

Great debut book from Carolyn Elizabeth.

I would put this more in the category of romance than mystery. There is a case, and it is pivotal, but it isn’t the main focus of the story. I’m not even sure if this fits a classic definition of romance – the two characters were pretty much attracted and ready to act on that attraction from the moments their eyes met over the autopsy table and were well on their way to developing a relationship despite the distractions caused by the mystery. Definitely not a slow burn – but there were some significant bumps to allow this to be a bit more than an insta-love kind of relationship.

I particularly liked the characters – neither one was a shrinking violet and their reactions seemed realistic and plausible. (Okay, some rather bad decisions early on with regards to the case – but even so, it worked) I really enjoyed their relationship and some pretty amusing dialogue between the two. The secondary characters had their own sass – and I nearly choked on my coffee when Rebecca recounted her meeting with Collier. I honestly liked both the characters and enjoyed the book quite a bit. 

There are two more books in the series – one coming out in April 2021.  Sign me up for reading them – I hope to have reviews posted soon. 


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