MEC Reviews: You, Me and the Sunken Treasure – Georgette Kaplan

You, Me, and the Sunken Treasure by Georgette Kaplan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

With the third and final installment in the Cushing-Nevada Chronicles, Ms Kaplan provides fans of the series a satisfying end to what is one of the wildest and craziest action adventures (it’s absolutely bonkers at times) I’ve read in awhile.

I read the first two books back to back and the writing was fast, funny and frenetic – the whole series is like an old time serial where the leads go from one impossible cliff hanger to an even more impossible cliffhanger as they chase (and are chased) around Africa and the Middle East in search of treasure. Easy Nevada, pillager of hidden treasures, is perhaps the most obnoxious character I’ve come across but she made me laugh my ass off and Candice as the earnest, forthright and brilliant archaeologist is a perfect foil. I was desperate to know what happened next – after Candice is abducted by the big bad and his cold as ice henchman, leaving Easy wounded and alone in the middle of the Sahara.

You, Me and the Sunken Treasure picks up where the last book left off and Easy manages to get herself into more than a few hot spots – and is her typical snarky badass self as she extricates herself and continues on her desperate quest to find Candice. I can’t even summarize what happens because it’s pretty much nuts. Nuts – but fun. As with the previous two books, check your disbelief at the door and just allow yourself to be pulled along – too much thought will ruin your enjoyment. This is a Saturday afternoon at the matinee with a big bucket of extra buttered popcorn and some M&Ms mixed in.

As much as I enjoyed the conclusion to Easy and Candice’s adventures, I did feel that some of the momentum of the fast-paced adventure and dialogue flagged a bit. I didn’t reread the two previous books before delving into this one and I wonder if that may be why – the first two were a roller coaster ride, and taking a year or two before reading the third left me trying to remember all that had gone before (and a lot went on in the first books). It may also have been because Easy and Candice are separated for most of the book – and the dialogue and chemistry between the two was outstanding in the first two books. Easy’s one liners and smug declarations were so groaningly bad … but so damned funny when Candice was the recipient and gave as good as she got from Easy.

Overall – the series is a total blast with an extremely original energy and humour. Even better, the series is encapsulated in three books with a satisfying ending, even if it is a bit bonkers at times. What can I say – I like bonkers.

If you haven’t – read the first two books as this is not a standalone and you won’t have a freaking clue what the heck is going on.

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