MEC Reviews: The Devil Incarnate – Ali Vali

The Devil Incarnate by Ali Vali

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.25 – 4.5

I can’t believe that this is the 7th book in the Cain Casey series and I’m still hooked. The Devil Incarnate reinforces what a great series this is.

Picking up shortly after the last book – Ms Vali is off and running at a breakneck pace. There’s a phenomenal number of plots, dealings, double-dealings and other shenanigans going on plus advancing the personal stories of a number of the characters from the series. Normally I’d be complaining that there was too much going on and things were either being glossed over or dropped, but Ms Vali has outdone herself. The book keeps all the threads moving and weaving in and out of the story – it’s a well crafted and well executed thriller that grabs you from the start and is liable to keep you up to the wee hours of the morning so you can finish it.

I was particularly happy to see that Ms Vali is starting to close off some of the dangling storylines and characters – after six books, there were a lot of loose ends and they were starting to detract from the other story as new obstacles and big-bads were introduced. The Devil Incarnate gives some satisfying wind ups of some of those over-arching plots and characters and puts the focus on the newer threats and obstacles. I suspect that there will be some new and unexpected twists in the next book – I’m dying to know what happens next.

From a character perspective – there’s the usual suspects as secondary characters but Cain and Emma are the mains. Even after 7 books, I still adore them – and it’s nice to see that their relationship continues to grow and strengthen. The whole series is their love story – with a lot of dead bodies thrown in for good measure. What was particularly nice to see is that Remi, Dallas, Muriel, Kristen, Fin, Abigail and all the others remain in and around Cain and Emma’s orbit – but they don’t get dropped into the story as extraneous cameos or drive-by characters. They are integral parts of the ongoing plots and have a place in the book. I was also really happy to see that Ms Vali chose not to split the book to have two sets of main characters – Cain and Emma remained the focal point.

If you haven’t read the other books in the series – this is not the one to start with. Go back and enjoy the first books. In The Devil Incarnate, Ms Vali drops you in the middle of everything and the characters and events of the previous six books really can’t be summed up. This a a bit of a darker series, with the main character being a mobster, but a mobster with a ridiculous amount of charm and charisma that balances out a pretty brutal streak when she’s pushed. Overall, the series juggles the sweeping romance between Cain and Emma – as well as the side stories of the other women in their extended family – with some gritty crime drama, suspense and action.

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