MEC Reviews: Sylver and Gold – Michelle Larkin

Okay – so I have really not enjoyed (putting that mildly) Ms Larkin’s first few books even though I’m a big paranormal romance/urban fantasy fan. I saw this on someone’s best reads of 2020 list and thought – one more chance (which is how I ended up reading the last two of her books).

And the verdict is: I really liked reading this one. A lot of the things that drove me nuts in previous books were toned down or not (as) apparent and that let me settle in and enjoy the ride.

Reid Sylver is a homicide detective with a perfect record. She works alone and keeps the reason for her success a closely guarded secret – she can talk to the dead. When she’s saddled with eager rookie detective, London Gold, she’ll do anything to ditch her partner but she isn’t prepared for London’s ability to keep up with Reid or how to deal with the questions she raises. As the two spar, a serial killer seems to have noticed Reid’s success rate and the reason behind it and is determined to expose Reid’s ability. Reid and London are drawn into the catch-me-if-you-can game with bodies and questions piling up at an alarming rate. As the investigation deepens, so does the respect and trust between the partners.

Sylver and Gold weaves a whole lot into one book – mystery, action, suspense and a central romance – that keeps the story moving and engaging. There’s a great level of humour in the book – mostly in the banter and pranks between the leads and with secondary characters. This levity balances the rather gory series of murders that they are trying to solve. The characters are funny and endearing – the back and forth between Reid and London builds the chemistry and I really liked both of them. Obviously Mugshot is a star – he’s used for comedy as well as a way to link Reid and her rival/superior and give what would normally be a complete ass-hat character a human side that makes him not such an ass-hat after all.

Overall – I’m glad I took one more chance and read this one.

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