MEC Reviews: Presidential – Lola Keeley

I’ve been consistently impressed with Lola Keeley’s books and I’m adding Presidential to the list. This is a feel good romance within a political setting. In the current climate, this book provides a pleasant distraction that depicts a kinder, gentler and, yes, gayer political book.

There’s no question that the book mirrors the plot of The American President – perhaps at times a bit too closely – but I am one of those people who watch that movie every single time it plays on TV (and I’m not even an American). The story is a wonderful contemporary romance on both film and in Ms Keeley’s rendition. So do I mind that it feels familiar? Nope, the hopeless romantic is still smitten with the storyline and having the leads transformed into two female characters answers a bit of wish fulfillment.

As the first female President, Connie Calvin has a lot to prove and with a re-election looming, she needs to make her mark and move her agenda ahead. As newly hired lobbyist, Emily Lawrence pretty much puts her foot in her mouth and ends up on Connie’s radar. From there, as they say, the rest is history – the initial interactions are witty and intelligent and a pretty sweet romance builds.

For all intents and purposes, this is a romance; but, the political elements are woven in seamlessly and, on the whole, it provides and interesting backdrop. With competing bills on the environment and gun control and the backroom political machinations there’s obstacles and roadblocks for Connie and Emily to navigate. It was definitely effective to have Emily, the environmental lobbyist, be a survivor of gun violence.

As a romance, this is a bit of a slow burn (not too slow, but at least there’s some build up) and the focus is on the relationship and the leads. I enjoyed the two women – both were intelligent, mature and with a strong sense of service and integrity. The angst wasn’t too high – with outside forces rather than overwrought emotions causing the conflicts and difficult choices.

A sweet and feel good romance.

Recommended – because I really like Ms Keeley’s books. 🙂

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