MEC Reviews: Reach the Stars – Lily Seabrooke

Reach the Stars is a polar opposites attract romance that has some sweet moments. The two mains are contestants on a reality singing contest – think American Idol, but it seems to mix established and “new” singers.

Katarina Jackson is a talented and established singer who’s verging on burnout. Her inner grump isn’t so inner – she’s caustic and abrasive, pushing people away and keeping her walls high and imposing. Enter Emmy Montford, the embodiment of sweetness and light who travels with a smile jar, a kindness board and is voted most likely to ride a unicorn down across a rainbow straight into Kat’s seemingly impenetrable heart.

This is a light and fluffy romance focused on the two main characters. At times Emma’s exuberance and positivity is a bit over the top (I think I’m channeling my inner Kat) but there’s a wonderful innocence to her. Ms Seabrooke adds a bit of depth and vulnerability with her backstory that makes you want to protect her from anyone or anything that may try to take advantage of her or tamp down the eternal optimism and kindness. Poor Kat, acerbic and bitchy as she tries to be, doesn’t stand a chance and it’s nice to see that there’s a bit more behind her loner exterior.

I think the novella format resulted in some of the set up not being fully explored or explained. I was having a hard time grasping the idea of established singers competing in this type of thing – both because of schedules (established performers spend a fair bit of time on the road) and the fact that they had fan bases but didn’t seem to get mobbed or recognized. But I may have just been overthinking it.

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