Cheri Reviews False Witness by Karin Slaughter

False Witness by Karin Slaughter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 rounded up

I didn’t know what to expect going in with False Witness. I’ve had hit and miss reactions to Ms. Slaughter’s books and this one is a definite hit. Nearly a grand slam when I figure in the narration because that was a huge bonus for me.

You can check out the blurb if you want plot specifics – I tend to not rehash the general story in reviews. We’ve got a pair of sisters who share a shitty mom, a violent past, and a dark secret that threatens to destroy everything in their lives that they care about.

I mostly loved everything about this book. There was plenty of tense-thrillery goodness but there were also some shockingly touching scenes. I’m not going to lie, I nearly cried three times. This is where the narrator really shone. Before the story really got going, I wasn’t sure that I was going to dig the narrator at all. The non-dialogue portions were done in a very boring manner but, wow, did she bring that dialogue to life. If I was ever on the fence about an audiobook, seeing her as the narrator would be the tipping point. Watch for her: Kathleen Early.

Big thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the audio ARC!

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