Cheri Reviews The Commitment by Virginia Hale

The Commitment by Virginia Hale

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First, thanks to Bella Books for giving me the chance to read The Commitment. It’s highly unlikely I would have picked up the book if it hadn’t been for that. I’ve struggled with trying new (to me) authors of romances for the past several years. I have a few favorite authors that I tend to stick with and only branch out after glowing recommendations from trusted friends.

I spent the past many days cleaning up my Kindle and decided to pick a review book to start while half watching an NFL game last night. It took about 60 pages of books in before I decided to crack open this one. And I was almost instantly engaged which was a great surprise! I honestly thought I would read a few paragraphs, maybe a page or two, get bored and move on. I had already done that more than a handful of times on my search. But that didn’t happen. Instead, I fell a little in love with Jen and Lacey. Mostly Jen. There’s something about that emotionally wounded yet strong woman that gets me right in the feels.

Lacey and Jen had chemistry for days and I rooted for their little family to get their shit together so they could really enjoy all those sparks. But there was soooo much shit to get through that I began getting frustrated. Granted, it took longer than it normally would have for me to feel that level of aggravation because I liked the characters so much. But still, The Commitment tested my “dammit just talk honestly to each other and get over yourselves!” limits.

All that being said, I’ll happily pick up another book by Virginia Hale. I’m going to miss Jen and Lacey and their little slice of old-timey heaven where they work.

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