Cheri Reviews Love, Accidentally by Jaime Clevenger and Aurora Rey

Love, Accidentally by Jaime Clevenger

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I had pretty high expectations of this book after absolutely loving A Convenient Arrangement. I don’t always love reading books in a series where there are cameos from previous couples but I loved Jess and Cody so much that it didn’t seem like a bad thing.

What ended up happening is that I struggled to finish the book. First, I couldn’t get over the fact that during sex scenes, Finn’s body wasn’t discussed or described. She merely had a chest. We got to know about Amelia’s body but why not give Finn the same attention. And there was mostly sex happening between them. I enjoy sex scenes but honestly, I skimmed them toward the end. It was a combination of not caring much anymore and just too much of the same thing.

But the biggest thing that killed the book for me was that it seemed that the entire premise was built upon one of my biggest pet peeves in wlw ficiton: angst and tension based completely on lack of communication. It drives me crazy and makes it really difficult to feel anything but frustration and disappointment in the characters.

And the way Amelia handles her relationships with her mom and her ex? It felt unbelievable to me and just one more thing to add to the frustration.

I’m sure this book with hit the sweet spot for other readers but, for me, it was a big miss.

I do thank the publisher for giving me the chance to read the second in the series.

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