MEC Reviews: Dragon Book Level 2

Cue the fanfare … I’ve finished Jae’s Sapphic Reading Challenge for 2021. Between work and some other commitments, I was starting to worry I wouldn’t get all the badges. At this point I’ve completed Dragon Level 1, Dragon Level 2 and the Unicorn levels which equates to 120 books that I was able to pull from the 155+ books I’ve read this year.

Dragon Book Level 1 Books

So without further ado – here’s the books I’ve read for the Book Dragon Level 2 Badge of Jae’s Sapphic Reading Challenge for 2021.

1. Enemies-to-lovers romance – Table for Two, Kate Gavin RECOMMEND

2. Character with an everyday job – Her Wolf in the Wild, Rien Grey

3. Return to hometown – Big Girl Pill, KD Williamson RECOMMEND

4. Character is a journalist or reporter – A Convenient Arrangement – Aurora Rey and Jaime Clevenger DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

5. From TLR’s “Best of the Best” list – Satisfaction Guaranteed, Karelia Stetz-Waters

6. Only one bed – Accidental Honeymoon, Miranda McLeod RECOMMEND

7. Character with a disability or mental illness – Living, Lise Gold

8. Character is a book lover – The Yearning, Gun Brooke

9. One-night stand to forever – Not Guilty, Britt Ryder

10. Speculative fiction – Give Me Grace – Bethany A Perry

11. Ice queen character – Heart of Ice, TB Markinson and Miranda McLeod RECOMMEND

12. Neurodiverse character – Two Hearts Together, Harper Bliss

13. Longer book – Reign of Darkness, Bridgette Jackson

14. Character is a medical professional – Before After Always, Morgan Lee Miller

15. Genre you don’t usually read – Captive in the Underworld, Lianyu Tan

16. Grumpy & sunshine – The Fifth Surgeon, Faith Prize RECOMMEND (but be prepared for an overuse of scoffing)

17. Character is a teacher or professor – A Woman to Treasure, Ali Vali RECOMMEND (if you are a Vali fan)

18. Coming out later in life – No Strings Attached, Harper Bliss

19. Historical fiction / historical romance – Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics, Olivia Waite RECOMMEND

20. Nerdy/geeky character – Origins, Jen Jensen RECOMMEND

21. Age gap romance – The AM Show

22. Character of a different ethnicity, culture, or race than you – Bluest Christmas, Deja Elise

23. Recommended by a friend – The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Taylor Jenkins Reid DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

24. Character is a musician – Go Around, EJ Noyes DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

25. Your favorite author’s favorite book – Rabbits of the Apocalypse, Benny Lawrence DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

26. Character was adopted/in foster care – Second Nature, Jae RECOMMEND

27. Shy or socially awkward character- Must Love Silence, Lucy Bexley RECOMMEND

28. Character rocks a power suit. – Never Say Never, Rachael Sommers

29. Book starts with the first day of a new job – Pathway to Love, Radclyffe

30. Mystery – Red Tide at Heron Bay, Gerri Hill RECOMMEND

31. Friends-to-lovers romance – Her Best Friend’s Sister, Meghan O’Brien

32. Body-positive book – The Awkward Truth, Lee Winter DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

33. Disguised or living as a man – Heart of Gold, L Dreamer

34. Character works in the food industry – Love Burns, Adrian J Smith

35. Re-read a favorite – Death By the Riverside, JM Redmann DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

36. Road trip – 44 Hours, Donna Jay

37. Bisexual or pansexual character – Silhouette, Robin Hale

38. Animal on the cover – Pas De Deux, EJ Noyes RECOMMEND

39. Girl-next-door character – Perfect Match, Milena McKay

40. Adventure in nature – The Island Between Us, Wendy Hudson RECOMMEND

41. Mistaken identity – Emily Monroe is Not the Chosen One, Erik Schulbach

42. Set in a country you don’t live in – The Crystal’s Curse, Jane Alden

43. Part of a series – Fight in the Dog, Geonn Cannon

44. Character is a business owner – Scent, Kris Bryant RECOMMEND

45. New-to-you author – The Acquisition, Rachel Ford RECOMMEND

46. Set in the 20th century – Deaths of Jocasta, JM Redmann DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

47. Character who isn’t “Hollywood beautiful – Looking for Trouble, Jess Lea

48. Character works in STEM – Into the Drowning Deep, Mira Grant DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

49. Forced proximity – All Aglow – Bryce Oakley RECOMMEND

50. Anthology, short story collection, novella – Happily Ever After, Ylva

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