MEC Reviews – Moon Over Old Hollywood, Renn Loraine

This was quite an enjoyable book and I’m really glad I stumbled across it. The author blends a number of storylines – romance, intrigue, some historical, and a bit of suspense.

When Nicole’s Hollywood tabloid publishing boss dies suddenly, her first reaction is that the police have it wrong – it wasn’t an overdose, it was murder. Quickly, Nicole is on the run with a mysterious and sinister thug stalking her and no where to turn. Of course she decides to pursue the hush-hush story her boss was working on (and likely led to her death) on her own. Next thing you know, she’s a double/stand in on a new cable series that is based on a number of Golden Era/Pre-WWII Hollywood actresses called “The Social Circle” (a play on the rumour of a Sewing Circle of lesbian and bisexual actresses of the era), trying to find out what secrets led to Patti’s death and engaged in a deliciously slow-burn romance with one of the actresses.

I enjoyed the plot within a plot about the series based on golden era Hollywood women (who loved women and hated Hitler) Lots of salacious gossip and perhaps a bit of wishful thinking. But if all the rumours are true, old Hollywood had lesbians running amok. And that’s not a bad thing. I don’t think I’ve spent so much time googling images and Wikipedia gossip based on reading a book before.

The slow burn type of romance between Nicole and Norah was well developed and hit the right notes. I loved the slow burn of the “is she or isn’t she” and the dance scene was perfect. I totally bought into them and there was a great chemistry.

The intrigue plot added a bit of spice, but I kept getting more wrapped up in the tidbits and gossipy dishing of who the actresses who were being portrayed were and the slow but definitely steamy build up of Nicole and Norah’s relationship. I would say the “danger” plot was the weakest part – it was more of a vehicle to get Nicole onto the set and have something to keep her moving on the investigation. But the romance and the bits and pieces of the series made up for it.

A really fun read, especially on a cold wintery day where you just want a bit of glamour and escapism.


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