MEC Reviews – The Acquisition, Rachel Ford

I really enjoyed this book. There’s a great level of humour through it that doesn’t devolve into slapstick or ridiculous circumstances (well too ridiculous). It delivers an entertaining and amusing story with a great set of characters and an original premise. This is more of an ensemble cast than focusing just on the two female mains and I really did like the way that the supporting characters were portrayed and utilized.

After her small company is bought out and a frenzy of downsizing, Angela McCormack is the last one of the last standing member of the management team and she’s seriously reconsidering options as the HR Manager. George, the son of the big pharma CEO, is overseeing the changes and, wow, what an ass. After a night with a few too many margaritas, Angela plots the perfect revenge much to her friends delight and it really is just a bit of wishful thinking. Until George pushes Angela’s buttons one too many times. As the HR manager, Angela finds the worst candidates possible to fill the “new” management roles in a wonderfully twisted and hilarious way. As this is going on, George appears to be getting himself in deeper into a rather nefarious plot and it all comes to a head when the new team heads off on a team building exercise.

I liked the humour in this book – it was a series of ridiculous circumstances but they were developed and, god help me, believable. I’m never going to piss off the HR person. Angela’s alcohol fueled revenge plot was funny and oh so anti-HR/ethical that if she’d launched it immediately she would have come across as a vindictive character. But the set up of her interactions with George gave credible reasons that she’d been pushed just a bit too far and had nothing to lose. the choice of employees was brilliant – a kleptomaniac in purchasing? Brilliant.

Even though there was a long build up of the Angela/George dynamic and then the selection/introduction of the misfits, it kept me engaged and amused. The romance was relatively low key but if it had been more “in your face” I think it would have detracted from the overall story.

Overall, a great read that caught me by surprise (I’m not sure if the blurb or the cover really sell what the book is about).


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