MEC Reviews: A Convenient Arrangement – Aurora Rey and Jaime Clevenger

Sometimes you run across a book that combines all your favourites and knocks it out of the park. A Convenient Arrangement is one of those books. Co-written by Aurora Rey and Jaime Clevenger, the novel showcases each of the authors strengths in character development, witty dialogue and kick-ass chemistry and the result is a sweet, funny romance that has all the feels.

Jess Archer is a digital journalist who’s been assigned to write a series on “cuffing” – where two people date for a pre-determined time, normally over fall/winter. It’s a bit like nesting over the long winter months and having someone to spend time with over the holidays. This is something that has always seemed to happen organically, but in this situation both parties are aware that it is a convenient arrangement that has a set end date. As a single mom and physics professor who is interested in having someone attend faculty functions, Cody Dawson is up for the challenge and the two women agree to give it a go. Obviously, this ends as a cuffing fail – but the fun is in the journey to that realization for the characters.

There’s a wonderful chemistry from the outset between Jess and Cody, they are truly good people and as odd as it is that they would agree to engage in what seems like a bit of Machiavellian agreement, you can’t hope but become completely invested in them and the situation. Two of the secondary characters, Jess’ roomate and Cody’s BFF, have their own book (Love, Accidentally) that runs parallel to this one, but aren’t as fully developed and they go from obsessing over each other to a relationship (sorry for the spoiler … but these are lesfic books, there’s always a HEA) mostly off the page. The other secondary characters are much more present in this book and add to the overall charm and humour, especially Cody’s son and family who just make you want smile every time they are on the page.

This is a really sweet romance that features two absolutely wonderful, smart and engaging main characters. I can’t recommend it enough.


Note: The Mile High City Romance Series has the next book published through Bella Books – Love, Accidentally.

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  1. I loved this book so much! It was damn near perfect. The sequel, however, was the exact opposite for me and I nearly quit several times. But I would reread A Convenient Arrangement for sure. I could see it have a spot on my “Funk Reading List.”

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