Cheri Reviews Bringing Me Dreams by K. G. MacGregor

Bringing Me Dreams by K.G. MacGregor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well I thoroughly enjoyed Bringing Me Dreams.

Our two protagonists are brought together through the chat feature on a forum for those grieving a loss due to suicide. What starts out as support and friendship quickly turns to attraction and love but there’s more to the story. We’ve got a jealous ex who seems to have some serious issues, plenty of drama revolving around family businesses – one much more than the other – and a super sweet doggie.

There was a lot going on but it didn’t feel like too much. I was engaged in the shady stuff going down just as much as I was the romance aspects. No spoilers, but I pegged the twist very early on. Well, not completely – there was still some twisty goodness to catch me.

Glad I got to go on this journey with Keenan and Gianna. Thanks to Bella & NetGalley!

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