Cheri Reviews Forever by Kris Bryant

Forever by Kris Bryant

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After such a good experience with Serendipity, I decided to find another Bryant book to read. And then I remembered that I had Forever in my TBR from NetGalley. I’m a mood reader so sometimes it takes me a long time to be in the right mental space to read certain books. I stop and start books a lot…

Full disclosure: I’ve never watched any of the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows because I don’t care for the idea of a bunch of people vying for the attention/affection of a single person in such a way. It makes me feel bad for the group of folks who are competing for that one person. And all of my bad feelings about those shows came out while reading Forever. But the relationship between Lauren and Savannah was a nice journey and made all the other stuff worth it. They had good chemistry and their interactions felt genuine and drew me in.

I almost forgot to mention that I nearly quit reading the book immediately because it’s done in first person POV and I wasn’t really feeling it. (mood reader, remember? Anything could set me off…) and while I do wish I had gotten more of Lauren’s side of things, Savannah did a fine job. I’m glad I took a breath and kept on going.

I’m discovering with each of Bryant’s books that she has a knack for capturing the essence of her characters. They feel real, the interact in realistic ways, and they make me want to get to know them and cheer for them. And miss them when I’m done with the story.

I’d go 3.5 if Goodreads allowed it but rounding up because I enjoyed Lauren and Savannah so much.

Big thanks to BSB and NetGalley for helping to feed my addiction.

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