Cheri Reviews Just a Touch Away by Jae

Just a Touch Away by Jae

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The newest Jae book was a huge hit for me. A nice, long character-driven enemies to lovers story. I love Jae’s slow-burn books so much. There were some very interesting aspects of this one that I enjoyed learning about. One thing about Jae’s books is that I always learn something.

Honestly, it wasn’t a perfect read for me because of some of the same things that have stood out in other Jae books but Winter and Hannah made me fall in love with them and everything else faded away. The stuff that stood out and pulled me a little bit out of the story were repeated phrases that didn’t feel natural (like repeated use of “professional cuddler” or eye color, stuff like that.)

All that being said, Just a Touch Away has a spot on my re-read list, for sure. And don’t forget the free short bonus scene, The Welcome Party. It’s adorable.

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