Cheri Reviews Worthy of Love by Quinn Ivins

Worthy of Love by Quinn Ivins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I avoided this one for a while because the cover makes me cringe. Yes, I love a woman of color being a protagonist and being able to see that right away but it just looks, well, not appealing to me.

But I’m glad I eventually picked it up. I started with the audio, which I loved the narrator, but ended up finishing the last half with my eyeballs.

Honestly, I mostly loved the story and the writing. I lost some of that love as the climax of the book and the final scenes rolled out but my love from before that point still made this an enjoyable read.

Back to the cover… This is the second book I’ve read this month that features a “curvy, full-figured” woman but the cover doesn’t show it. Personally, I prefer wlw covers that don’t show people at all because it’s invariably going to be two thin white women and I’m so tired of that but even this one that has a Brown woman – which is great – still shows the curvy woman as small or smallish.

I know this isn’t an issue for everyone but why not show a larger woman on the cover?

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