Cheri Reviews For the Long Run by Cheyenne Blue

For the Long Run by Cheyenne Blue

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How is it possible that this is my very first Cheyenne Blue read? I mean, I’ve seen her titles all over the place so clearly it was an oversight on my part.

I absolutely enjoyed traveling down the road to romance and love with Shan and Lizzie. They had great chemistry – some nice hot scenes await you! – but they also communicated like adults. It shouldn’t be a bonus to have grown ups act like grown ups with skills to talk honestly with each other but in romance novels, it often is.

And another bonus was being immersed in another culture. I’ve read loads of British and Irish fiction but there were lots of new things for me to look up and learn about with an Aussie setting. Like I now know what a doona is! Learning stuff while being a voyeur to a budding relationship, yay!

So a big thanks to Cheyenne Blue for thinking of TBR Reviews and sending us a copy of For the Long Run. I definitely recommend it.

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