Cheri Reviews Bait and Switch by Blythe H. Warren

Bait and Switch by Blythe H. Warren

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I wanted much more from this book. Yes, it was snarky and well-written and some of the names and descriptors used for Gail were hilarious. But there was so much that I felt I missed out on.

I’m told about weeks of conversations and all the bonding and getting to know each other that happened but I missed out on experiencing most of it. Most of all, I wanted to know what was going on in Mira’s head. A previously straight woman with a history of homophobia and suddenly she’s seducing a lesbian? The realization that she’s attracted to a woman must have been a big deal. I would have loved getting a glimpse into her thoughts and feelings. Knowing how her mother would react and worry about coming out to her daughter must have caused lots of turmoil.

But because it was a first person POV from Liv, I got nothing from Mira. The more interesting character, in my opinion.

However the humor and writing style (except for all the parenthetical comments) were great.

This is one of those ARCs that got away from me. Yes, I’m trying to work through books I already have this year so there will likely be many old review copies showing up in my posts. I mean, 2017 wasn’t that long ago, amirite?

Thanks to Bella for the ARC.

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