Cheri Reviews Lucky in Love by Cara Malone

Lucky in Love by Cara Malone

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 rounded up

I’ve been meaning to read a Cara Malone book for a long while but hadn’t found that right moment or title. Until I got an email with an offer to get an audiobook code for free. I love free. And I love audiobooks. I immediately hopped over to Audible and picked a fairly recent book, listened to a sample – because nothing will kill a book quicker than a narrator that doesn’t work for me – and shot off my request.

I was pretty quickly offered a code to redeem for the audiobook but had to stop for a minute when I saw it was from Spotify and not Audible. I very wrongly assumed that I’d be getting an Audible code because the author participates in Kindle unlimited and Audible is owned by Amazon. Well that’s what I get for assuming. I haven’t used Spotify in a few years since switching to YouTube Music so I had to dust that off and give it a try. And it wasn’t a bad experience. Is the audiobook reading portion of the Spotify app as nice as Audible? Nope. I swear I couldn’t find a bookmark option but I didn’t really need to use it for this particular book. I don’t know that I’d ever actually buy a book through Spotify but it wasn’t a terrible listening experience.

Anyway, the story itself was sweet and only set my BS meter pinging a few times and fairly mildly. It’s pretend, as my lovely wife likes to remind me. The bunnies were adorable and I’m not going to lie, I maybe contemplated momentarily making one my next pet. But my killer dogs probably wouldn’t be okay with that…

So I enjoyed the story, I enjoyed the writing, and the narrator did a great job. I do wonder where she’s from though. She does a fantastic American accent but a few words give it away. Unless “schedule” is pronounced “shed-yule” somewhere in the US that I’m not aware of. And the “savory craps” instead of “savory crepes” made me laugh. That one may have been my deaf self mishearing but it was funny regardless.

I very much appreciate the free audiobook because 1) I got to read a book by an author who’s been on my list for a very long time and 2) because I got to try out audiobooks on Spotify.

Thank you Cara Malone!

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