Catch by Kris Bryant – It’s a Touchdown!

Catch by Kris Bryant

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I initially passed this book by when I was browsing NetGalley’s LGBTQ+ offerings. I love football – we’re all about the NFL from August through February in our house – but the cover was off-putting to me. I mean, that’s definitely an attractive sight but not really something I want on display on my ereader. I feel like a prude typing this out but I’m being honest.

Luckily, my love for football and second-chance romances got the better of me and I downloaded it. It took a few extra months for me to be in the right headspace to get into it but I loved this book. It wasn’t perfect. There were too many mentions of long blond hair and blue eyes for me but I rolled my eyes and moved on. Because Sutton and Parker were great together and had chemistry that jumped off the page. I would have loved to have had another 100 pages of this story.

Thank you Ms. Bryant for writing a book that has already been added to my “Read Again for Mental Hug” collection. And thanks to BSB and Netgalley for the opportunity to get lost in a beautiful story for a few hours.

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