Of Iron and Gold by Lexa Luthor – Alphas and Omegas and Betas, Oh My!

Of Iron and Gold by Lexa Luthor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is one of those rare books that I picked up solely because of the cover. I didn’t read the blurb but loved the cover so that was that. I’m actually really glad I didn’t read the blurb because I probably wouldn’t have given it a try if I had. Also I had no idea what the hell the “omegaverse” was.

After cracking it open and reading the blurb and the bit of explanation that immediately followed it, I had to stop and read part of it again. It included something called “G!P” which I had never seen before. It stands for girl penis. Now I’m intrigued so I dive on in.

Of Iron and Gold grabbed me from the first page and held my attention all the way to the end. There was a little bit of intrigue with kingdom politics (very, very little), some fights between Alphas, lot of romance, and loads and loads of sex (and loads). If you’re penis averse, even when it’s a woman sporting it, you should absolutely avoid this one. But if you’re okay with it and enjoy super hot sex scenes, you’re in for a treat.

This is listed as a stand-alone but also as the first in the series. I looked at the second in the series and it seems to take place in the same universe but dealing with completely different kingdoms. So you can read this one and stop and not miss anything. No cliffhangers!

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