Cheri Reviews The Other Side of Forestlands Lake by Carolyn Elizabeth

The Other Side of Forestlands Lake by Carolyn Elizabeth

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Okay I stuck it out to the end. I really wish this book had been something completely different. I loved the ghost story part. Loved it. It was engaging and interesting and if the whole book would have been focused around the deaths and hauntings and the mystery, I very likely would have given it five stars.

But that’s not what it was. It was also a second-chance romance and a potential romance for two other characters AND a ghost story/mystery. It was legitimately too much ensuring none of the parts were done to the level they probably should have been.

I ended up really disliking Lee, not feeling great about Nicole and Willa, and not caring at all about Maggie. I liked young Lee and Willa but grown up Lee and Willa’s relationship was too fast and too much to believe. There was no reconnecting and too many issues with basic communication to believe the insta-love after 25 years, even with their teenaged almost-love in the past.

I’m also reading Gallows Humor and loving it. So maybe this was just a blip for me. We’ll see how my continued relationship with Carolyn Elizabeth’s writing goes.

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